The Six Best Ways To Stay On Trend For Summer 2016

The Six Best Ways To Stay On Trend For Summer 2016

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As we move into the new SS2016 season, inevitably the zephyrs in fashion re-align. The question is: Were you paying attention over winter? Did you notice the upcoming trends that will define Summer 2016? And more specifically, are you on trend?

Be honest, you probably need a bit of help. So in case you did miss something we have put together our guide to the top essentials for looking great this summer. Everything from shoes and clothes to grooming and accessories.


1. Going Green.

Most pieces of menswear trace their roots back in some way to the armed forces. Just look at the classic T-shirt, the trench coat and the bomber jacket. Khaki’s popularity is built on a neutral foundation, which means you can wear it with pretty much anything. This summer those in the know suggest pairing khaki with black denim. But if you fancy a twist, white and brown make an equally styled look.

The Summer ‘16 the catwalk was inundated with classic Khaki jackets. Designers like Lemaire and Valentino accessorised it with patches and cuts. Khaki green appeared on everything from suits to souvenir jackets. Demonstrating how traditional military style has been hacked up, restyled and rolled out by even some of the most recognisable designers, giving an interesting take on a classic.

On a green theme, the green suit was also popular on catwalks and the perfectly tailored two-piece, in a warm-weather material like linen or cotton, proved hugely popular with the likes of Burberry and Channel. Both of these looks were perfectly rounded off with a sky blue shirt and brown suede shoes - great for those summer business meetings.


Our pick: MP MASSIMO PIOMBO - Green Slim-Fit


2. Sandals – Honestly?

Who would have thought it? We’re not talking cheap rubber, German-tourist style or Crocs but proper leather sandals and there is a distinct difference.

Designers have been pushing sandals for a few years now but it finally looks like 2016 is the year they will hit the mainstream. Big names such as Michael Kors, Gucci, Versace and Kenzo are all supporting the movement.

But while the highly practical sandal have always made sense for the summer, they still remain a very edgy look, especially if you style them with socks. No really! It was all over the catwalks. But be warned, it you want to avoid the ‘I’m a lost tourist’ look, it’s safer to go bare foot and don the new wave sandal as it was meant to be worn.




3. Sunglasses - Getting Your Head Around Them

As everyone knows, sunglasses play a key role in any warm-weather accessories kit. But for 2016, it seems that circular shades are making their bid for the limelight.

Pack away your traditional Wayfarers or Clubmasters, it’s time to invest in one of the new generation of round sunglasses. There are many avenues to explore but we recommend a vintage look with a traditional penny round or more subtle demi-rounds, which offer a more diverse fit for all face shapes.

Authors note: If you have a particularly round face you should avoid rounded glasses at all costs. Stick with your faithful Aviators to compliment a green military aesthetic.


Our pick: THOM BROWNE - Round-Frame Tortoiseshell Acetate


4. Sunscreen – This Season’s Secret Weapon

We’ve covered clothing, footwear and accessories, but now there’s a new weapon staking a claim in the must-have SS2016 male arsenal. Sunscreen. Every stylish man uses grooming products but 2016 is the time for taking care of your skin, as well as your clothes. You don’t want to leave it out of your wardrobe and end up being red faced.

Wearing a sunscreen is not rocket science but walking around covered in oily, thick, white gloop can ruin any look, no matter how well you’re dressed. Avoid using any generic sunscreen where a manufacturer did not take into consideration the difference between and male and female skin.

Go for a serum, new FIT Skincare Sun Protect Serum SPF 50 provides light, invisible protection with a high SPF so you can apply it less frequently. This next generation sunscreen ushers away the days of greasy, sweaty looking summer faces.


Our pick: FIT Sun Protect Serum SPF 50


5. Wool Baseball Caps

There was an explosion of baseball cap on this seasons catwalks. Everyone from Versace to Calvin Klein was showing their take on the latest must have urban accessory.

Similar to the backpack trend of 2015, the desirable caps are defined by the use of premium materials like leather and wool. The objective is to avoid looking like a up-to-no-good teenager and only go for the best quality available.

We love the latest wool baseball caps produced for Reiss by the UK based hatmaker Christys. They combine wool with a contrast moleskin peak that just oozes luxury. Wear this with your new rounded glasses and the look is complete!




6. The Rise Of The Wide Leg

As far as the tailored fit is concerned, the last few seasons have cemented it into the mainstream - however this year saw designers like Craig Green go in the complete opposite direction. The wide trouser is making waves in the fashion industry and challenging the household safety of the skinny leg.

Don’t get confused though. Wide fit is different to casual or straight leg, it is specifically tailored wide. This maintains it’s style and stops you looking like you have borrowed your dads 70’s flares.

The wide leg should always be slightly cropped as this gives you a chance to show off your summer footwear. We recommend some Converse Chuck Taylors or similar, just make sure you keep in neutral - preferably white.


Our pick: BARENA Wide-Leg 


That’s it, you're ready for summer 2016. One final piece of advice, introduce one item at a time throughout the season and come August, you’re completely on trend.

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