8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using SPF 50 Sunscreen!

8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using SPF 50 Sunscreen!

It should come as no surprise that sun protection is essential in the Summer - after all, nobody wants a painful burn as a souvenir of their holiday! However, sunscreen stops more than just burns, it prevents long lasting damage year-round.


In order to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, wearing sunscreen, especially factor 50 or higher, offers a few important benefits. Let us tell you what they are:


  1. Reduces the Risk of Sunburn: First, let’s address the obvious, SPF 50 sunscreen is your best friend against burns. If you have ever been to the beach and left burnt, you know they're no joke! Eventually the sunburns will disappear, but the damage they do won’t. Unfortunately, getting burnt, even once or twice, can increase your risk of skin cancer!


  1. Increases Sun Protection: Sunscreen doesn't stop you from getting a tan, but it does minimise the damage caused by exposure to sunlight. SPF 50, which blocks approximately 98% of dangerous UVB rays, provides a high level of protection against harmful radiation from the sun. Anything with less SPF will provide less protection.


  1. Protects Against Premature Aging: Your skin is sensitive, which means that any damage can cause it to panic. Sun damage may even speed up the ageing process, which can result in wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. You can prevent daily skin damage by using regular sunscreen, especially with a high SPF to keep your skin looking young and fresh even after the day in the sun.


  1. Prevents Sun-Related Skin Issues: The sun can even worsen or introduce some skincare conditions. This includes conditions such as melasma, rosacea and hyperpigmentation. In particular, the use of SPF 50 regularly helps to prevent these issues from getting worse or in some cases, appearing at all!


  1. The Sun Is Out Even on Cloudy Days: Don’t assume that because it is cloudy, you are safe! Believe it or not, even if you can't see the sun, it's still in the sky, and UVB rays can penetrate the clouds, causing skin damage over time. Prevent this passive skin damage and keep your skin healthy and happy by using daily sun protection like our Sun Protection Serum.


  1. Protects Sensitive Skin: If you have fair or sensitive skin, you know the pain of the sun and how much more likely you are to burn. It’s even more important for you to keep your sensitive skin protected, SPF 50 will keep your skin safe even on the hottest days.


  1. Prevents Sun-Related Eye Damage: The sun's not just damaging your skin; a day at the beach can also have an impact on your eyes! The development or worsening of eye conditions, such as cataracts, can be associated with prolonged exposure to the sun. You can significantly reduce the risk of eye damage by using sunscreen around your eyes or wearing sunglasses with UV protection.


  1. Reduces the Risk of Skin Cancer: Finally, exposure to UV radiation is a major factor in the development of skin cancer. You reduce the exposure of your skin to harmful rays by using factor 50 sunscreen, thus reducing the risk of developing skin cancer.


Try our SPF 50 Sun Protect Serum today to revolutionise your summer skincare!


It's important to remember that sunscreen isn’t a fix-all and should always be used in combination with other sun protection and perhaps more importantly, common sense. To help prevent sun damage, it is advisable to seek shade during peak sunlight hours and wear protective clothing like UV protection sunglasses or wide brimmed hats. The key is to apply sunscreen regularly, and if you've been in and out of the water make sure to reapply after you've dried off! To best protect yourself, check the instructions on your sunscreen for more details.

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