FIT Skincare - supporting #SunAwarenessWeek and providing the ultimate protection

FIT Skincare - supporting #SunAwarenessWeek and providing the ultimate protection

FIT Skincare Sun Protect Serum SPF 50

This week is Sun Awareness Week so we thought we would give you our some key information and a few tips on taking care of your skin this summer!

Britain is set to enjoy its hottest summer in 40 years but why? Piers Corbyn, forecaster for WeatherAction explains, ”We are expecting very warm periods with notable Spanish plume events and bursts of heat from Africa. This is all to do with the wild jet stream bringing heat up from the south into Britain."

Firstly, the key problem is that most people in the UK don’t apply suncream at all and have limited knowledge of how to properly protect themselves. In an online poll the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) found that eight out of ten people don’t apply any sunscreen before heading out into the sun. This immediately puts you at risk of skin diseases and increases the risk of skin cancer.

Bearing this in mind, if we can get people applying a suncream then we want to make sure you stay protected. An SPF (sun protection factor) is a measure of the time it would take you to burn without protection, compared to with protection. So SPF 15 means you can stay in the sun for 15 times longer than you could without protection. So if you know you are unlikely to top up your suncream frequently then you should always use a higher SPF, we recommend SPF 50 to ensure a longer period of protection.

However, SPF only relates to UVB rays, not UVA rays. It’s UVA rays that are more likely to cause deeper skin damage. So make sure your sunscreen protects from both. Products containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide will offer extra UVA protection.

Even some foods can actually help protect against skin damage. Carotenoids, found in some vegetables - especially high in carrots, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes are reported to protect the skin against harmful UV rays.

Other than health issues, ultraviolet radiation is to blame for a lot of skin pigmentation, uneven tone and skin ageing. The sun’s rays harm and destroy the elastic tissue inside the skin, making it less flexible and more prone to wrinkles.

To coincide with the inbound record breaking summer and #SunAwarenessWeek, we have released our new FIT Sun Protect Ultra Serum SPF 50. We challenged our expert chemists to re-write the rules of sun protection. The result is FIT SPF 50 sunscreen serum - performing without that greasy, white finish, no compromise! Power-packed to deliver a new standard in safe daily sun protection with none of the drawbacks.



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