Advanced Formulations.

FIT is a range of luxury serums created in our industry leading labs using high tech formulations and natural active ingredients.
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Natural Ingredients.

Our products are formulated using only the highest quality natural ingredients. Products feel light, non-greasy and are quickly absorbed to instantly hydrate and repair, ensuring a fresh, energised and healthy look.
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The power behind the range.
OXY-FIT-10 has been developed by our team of experts to deliver improved hydration, increased collagen production and works to enhance the bodies ability to repair and regenerate.


Best Sellers

Our groundbreaking sunscreen; Sun Protect Serum delivers water resistant, broad-spectrum, SPF 50 protection whilst repairing and moisturising skin.

- Water Resistant/Non Whitening
- SPF 50 & 5* Protection
- Uniform Breathable Coverage
- Non Greasy / Sticky Feel
- Hydrates and Protects Skin

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£35.00 £29.95
Multi-action serum that hydrates, repairs and soothes the delicate skin around the eyes.

- Reduces the appearance of under eye bags, dark circles and puffiness
- Reduces the appearance of fine lines
- Hydrates, soothes and cools the skin

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£50.00 £29.95
Groundbreaking formulation that moisturises, protects and repairs lips.

- Delivers lasting hydration & locks in moisture 
- Taste and shine free 
- Repairs damaged dry lips and soothes inflammation 
- Creates a barrier against environmental aggressors (sun, wind, cold, heat)

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£10.00 £9.95
Award-winning multi-function serum. Protects, refreshes and repairs all in one easy application.




- Lightweight & rapidly absorbed serum for intense daily hydration
- Repairs fine lines, mattifies and tones
- Minimises irritation and reduces blemishes
- Promotes cell renewal and improves skin elasticity
- Protects & refreshes skin 

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£50.00 £29.95
Lightweight anti-ageing serum. Reduce the appearence of expression lines whist simultaneously repairing and toning skin.

- Instantly reduces the appearence and repairs stress & fine lines
- Tones & intensely moisturises skin 
- Protects skin from external agressors 

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£40.00 £29.95
Shampoo formulated with active ingredients that are clinically proven to strengthen, stimulate growth and reduce fallout. 

- Gently cleans, strengthens and thickens hair
- Stimulates new hair growth
- Protects from pollution and sun damage
- Caffeine blocks DHT & reduces fallout
- Intelligent formulation self adjusts to hair type

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£15.00 £14.95
State-of-the-art hair and scalp treatment delivering thicker hair and healthier scalp.

- Reduces hair loss and stimulates new growth
- Thickens and strengthens hair 
- Improves scalp health 

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£70.00 £39.95
Active Conditioner stimulates your scalp and leaves hair shiny, soft and in great condition.

- Softens, strengthens and thickens
- Caffeine blocks DHT & reduces fallout 
- Stimulates new growth

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£17.50 £17.45
Advanced muscle rub serum with active ingredients formulated to accelerate healing and enhance performance whilst reducing inflammation, muscle aches and pains.

- Reduces muscle pain and inflammation
- Accelerates healing and enhances performance
- Cools on contact

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£25.00 £19.95
Breakthrough blemish repair serum to correct uneven skin tones. Hydrates and reduces inflammation.





- Reduces the appearance of scars & stretch marks
- Corrects uneven skin tones
- Restores the skins structure
- Moisturises and reduces inflammation

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£45.00 £29.95
Cutting-edge body sculpting serum formulated with clinically proven active ingredients.

- Eliminates excess fat and limits fat storage
- Tones and tightens skin 
- Boosts the appearance and definition of muscles 

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£35.00 £29.95


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