OXY-FIT-10 - Technologically Advanced

FIT’s team of formulation chemists have used their years of experience to develop OXY-FIT-10, our unique oxygen delivery system that boosts ATP  (Adenosine Triphosphate) production and is the power behind the range.

Increased ATP Production

OXY-FIT-10 boosts the skin cells respiration ability. This increase in cell respiration means an increase in ATP production. And the more ATP produced, the greater the skins ability to repair and regenerate itself.



HydratesImproved Hydration

Increased ATP activity produces water (H2O) that hydrates the cells DNA. A primary cause of cell ageing is the drying up of DNA, so the increase in ATP production also increases skin cell hydration which protects, repairs and revives skin.




Collagen Production Increased 

OXY-FIT-10 also increases collagen production enhancing the skin ability to repair and maintain its elasticity making skin appear fresher, healthier and younger.




By stimulating ATP production, hydrating DNA and boosting collagen production OXY-FIT-10 is a powerful, highly effective weapon in the battle to keep you looking great.