Essential tips for protecting your skin this winter

Essential tips for protecting your skin this winter

FIT Winter Skincare Tips


It’s time to face the facts. Winter is well and truly upon us. Bringing with it freezing temperatures, arctic winds and stuffy central heating that can lead to your skin becoming dry and irritated whilst hair becomes brittle and weak. To help you avoid these issues we’ve put together a handy set of essential tips for maintaining your skin over the winter period.


Moisturise regularly

With less moisture in the air, your skin dries out and can be uncomfortable. To keep your skin feeling soft and supple we suggest using FIT Moisturising Ultra Serum which features ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which works by drawing what little moisture there is in the air into your skin and locking it there. Keeping your skin hydrated during the winter is even more important and one tip to stay on top of this is to moisturise regularly throughout the day. Try to keep some moisturiser in your bag or office drawer so it’s always to hand, wherever you find yourself.


 FIT Skincare Moisturising Ultra Serum


Stay hydrated and healthy

When the winter months set in all most of us can think about drinking is a warming cup of tea or coffee, but just remember that water is one of the most important factors in keeping your skin hydrated and is essential for providing vitamins and minerals needed to keep it looking healthy. Doctors recommend drinking around 2 litres per day (that’s about 8 glasses) for the average adult. Another tip is to eat lots of water rich fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, celery, tomatoes and watermelon.


Say goodbye to those long hot showers

You wake up. You’re cold. It’s cold outside. Nothing beats a long hot shower on a winters morning but could those comforting showers be taking their toll on your skin? Doctors warn against them as they strip the skin of their natural protective oils and can cause it to dry out unnecessarily. In order to give your skin a chance this winter try turning down the heat and reducing the time you spend in the shower.


FIT Skincare Lip Serum 


Protect yourself from the elements

The skin on your lips is especially prone to painful cracking and peeling at this time of the year - definitely not what you want when faced with a kiss under the mistletoe. More moisture is lost through the lips than any other part of the face or body. This can lead to the skin covering them to tighten, split and become painful. Using FIT Lip Serum seals in moisture, repairs and protects lips from the elements. Our unique blend of marine and botanical extracts help to deliver lasting hydration while Vitamin C and Calendula repairs damage and soothes inflammation. Best of all it’s taste and shine free so no one will know you are using it!


Revitalise your eyes 

The skin around your eyes can have a big effect on how we look. No one wants to look tired and run down and bags under your eyes are a dead giveaway when you’re trying to sneak into the office with a work do hangover from hell. Eyedrate+ is designed to apply under the eyes post shower to help revitalise and hydrate the sensitive and often tired looking skin under them. One of the key ingredients we use is Hyaluronic acid which is a great at retaining moisture and capable of holding up to 1,000 times its own weight in water. Amino acid acetyl tetrapeptide 5 works to reduce the appearance of eye bags, dark circles and fine lines.

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