Pro tips on burning body fat with Charlie Brisbourne

Pro tips on burning body fat with Charlie Brisbourne

Charlie Brisbourne

Fitness and lifestyle coach, Charlie Brisbourne, has been sharing his secrets on burning that unwanted fat by taking us back to basics in the gym. 

'Contrary to popular belief, traditional crunches and sit-ups play a very minimal role when it comes to carving out a shapely mid-section. What we need to focus on is movements which target a far greater range of larger muscle groups. The more muscles we can target at once, the more calories we can burn, and therefore the more fat we can potentially shed!'

'So here’s a run through of some of the best you can start incorporating into your workouts the next time you hit the gym:

1)   Deadlift:

'This exercise has the ability to hits more muscles than any other; hence it’s huge capability when it comes to burning calories. It also has great practical application in the sense that it will ensure all the muscles we use when picking anything up from the floor, from a child to a shopping bag, are strong and supportive to our skeleton; specifically our spine, which means no more lower back pain in a lot of cases.'

2)   Squat:

'Squats always get a lot of exposure when it comes to sculpting a shapely bum, and for good reason. The key with this movement is to focus on achieving a nice deep squat with good technique throughout. Also think about varying your stance; go with a wider stance to hit more of the inner thigh muscles and a narrower one to target the outer thigh muscles'

FIT x Charlie

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