Pro tips on sculpting your pec and abs from industry expert Charlie Brisbourne

Pro tips on sculpting your pec and abs from industry expert Charlie Brisbourne

At FIT we love to give something back to our loyal customers. This month we are focusing on the FIT Pec & Ab Sculpt so have recruited lifestyle and fitness coach, Charlie Brisbourne. He has been revealing some of his secrets on maximising chest growth and getting that elusive six-pack.

Get the most from DUP training

“A ‘Daily Undulating Periodisation’ (DUP) training structure is a firm favourite of mine. This basically means using a variety of rep ranges; for me going as low as 4-6, and as high as 40 have worked really well. It’s crucial the load is suitable according to the rep range. In whatever the rep range, if the last couple of reps aren’t ‘grinders’, you could be doing more.” 

Maximise contractions & stretches

“Completing repetitions from point A to B is obviously important (otherwise simply the reps aren’t going to get done!), but what is going to maximise the movement is consciously stretching the muscle at the bottom of reps and squeezing the life out of your pecs at the top/end of the movement. Getting over that barrier of thinking “WEIGHT WEIGHT WEIGHT!” and replacing it with “CONTRACT CONTRACT CONTRACT” will take your chest to another level.”

FIT & Charlie

Whether you are competing on stage or simply want to look great, you can get that edge with the FIT Pec & Abs Sculpt. Designed to help lose the stubborn body fat that hides abdominal muscles, the serums ingenious mix of four different ingredients has a triple effect allowing pecs and abs to look more defined.

  • Firms, tightens and tones skin in the target area.
  • Suppress the formation and storage of fat.
  • Stimulates the breakdown of fat.

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