New Year's Resolutions 2020: Skincare Edit

New Year's Resolutions 2020: Skincare Edit

It’s that time of the year — time to plan your New Year’s resolutions. While you might have new career objectives, fitness goals and plans to improve your diet, you should also consider mixing things up in the skincare department too! As the largest organ in your body your skin deserves all the love and attention it can get. Set a solid list of skincare resolutions and you’ll be on your way to healthy and radiant-looking skin in no time.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, we’ve got you covered with five great ideas for New Year skincare resolutions.


Skin Resolution #1: Stay moisturised

To combat the extremes of winter, it’s important to moisturise regularly. Moisturisers bind and retain water, in addition to forming a protective layer preventing further water loss. 

For best results, moisturise straight after showering and then throughout the day as required. Try FIT Moisturising Ultra Serum; packed with vitamins A, E and four types of vitamin B. Working together, these vitamins treat uneven skin tones, blemishes and help to minimise irritation. They also prevent excess oil production and protect from environmental pollution, while OXY-FIT-10 fuels skin cell regeneration to speed repair. Skin is left looking younger, shine free and replenished.




Skin Resolution #2: Drink more water

While the body is approximately 60% water, you are constantly losing it during the day through perspiration and urination. You need to drink adequate amounts of water to maintain healthy hydration levels. Even mild dehydration can adversely affect mental and physical performance and not only takes its toll on your body - it can also cause your skin to appear less plump and fresh and will also increase the physical effects of skin aging.

Health authorities recommend that we drink in the region of 2 litres of water per day. As with most recommendations, this depends on the individual. Many factors (both internal and external) ultimately affect your need for water, but fundamentally increasing your fluid intake will help you think, perform and look better every day.


Skin Resolution #3: Wear broad spectrum SPF every day

Sun damage is one of the top skin concerns dermatologists see daily. Now’s the time to adopt a better habit, even during the winter. Wearing broad-spectrum SPF will help protect your skin against sunburn and can also help prevent premature signs of aging (think wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots) and of course lower your risk of developing skin cancer.

FIT Sun Protect Serum - SPF 50 is a ground-breaking, technologically advanced sunscreen that delivers water resistant, broad-spectrum SPF 50 protection whilst repairing and moisturising skin. Micro-encapsulation technology ensures uniform coverage of the skin and consistent protection from the sun whilst maintaining its ability to breathe. After application, skin is left non-greasy, non-sticky and feeling great. Formulated with Vitamin E, it provides antioxidant protection from pollution. It also contains hyaluronic acid to continuously hydrate the skin and OXY-FIT-10 to fuel skin cell regeneration. Safe invisible protection for your face every day, rain or shine.



Skin Resolution #4: Don’t neglect your eyes

The skin around your eyes is one part of your body that can show the earliest signs of premature aging, particularly without proper care. While moisturising around your eyes is essential, bear in mind that skin in this area is thin and can be sensitive to regular face cream.

FIT Eyedrate+ uses a combination of active ingredients to control issues around the eye area. Peptides reduce the appearance of eye bags, dark circles and fine lines, while hyaluronic acid super hydrates the skin and cucumber extract reduces puffiness, soothes and cools



Eliminate stress

Skin Resolution #5: Eliminate stress 

There’s a proven link between stress and poor skin. If your stress levels are through the roof you need to discover ways to unwind and relax. This could include taking a bath, reading a book, or doing regular exercise like a routine morning run. The more you do to relax your mind and eliminate the stress in your life, the healthier and happier you will be in the New Year.

High-performance, instant line repair serum FIT Stress-Less treats stress lines around the eyes, on the forehead and corners of the mouth. Our active formulation uses amino acid (peptides) to instantly reduce the appearance of lines, while botanical extracts intensely moisturise, repair damage and soothe irritation. Creatine tones tired skin and OXY-FIT-10 fuels skin cell regeneration and repairs damage. The effects: toned & moisturised skin protected from external aggressors.




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