What is OXY-FIT-10?

FIT Skincare have taken a completely new approach to male personal care with the creation of OXY-FIT-10, our unique oxygen delivery system. Clinically developed to boost skin cell regeneration and maintain a healthy energised look, OXY-FIT-10’s highly innovative formula combats tiredness and lines at the cellular level. This makes our male grooming products unlike any other.

For the regeneration of skin cells to occur, ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) the fuel that supplies energy to cells, must be present. OXY-FIT-10’s targeted oxygen delivery system boosts the skin cells respiration ability. This increase in cell respiration means an increase in ATP production. And the more ATP produced, the greater the skins ability to repair and regenerate itself.

This increase in ATP energy also produces water that hydrates the skin cells DNA. As one of the primary causes of cell ageing is the drying up of DNA, so the increase in ATP production and therefore an increase in skin cell hydration is another way that OXY-FIT-10 protects, refreshes and revives skin.

OXY-FIT-10 also increases collagen production enhancing the skin cells ability to repair and maintain their elasticity and the more elastic skin cells are, the fresher and healthier skin appears.

By stimulating ATP production, hydrating DNA and boosting collagen production OXY-FIT-10 is a powerful, highly effective weapon in the battle to keep you looking great.

All FIT Skincare products contain OXY-FIT-10 ensuring that you look your best and always will.

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