How to reduce your dark circles and under eye bags with targeted active ingredients.

How to reduce your dark circles and under eye bags with targeted active ingredients.

The delicate skin around the eyes is quick to show tiredness and fatigue in the form of dark circles and under eye bags. Eyedrate+ uses active ingredient acetyl tetrapeptide 5 to reduce under eye bags in two ways. It drains the build up of fluid that causes the eye bags and it improves the circulation in the skin around the eyes. Eyedrate+ also uses hyaluronic acid to super hydrate and cucumber extract to reduce puffiness and to soothe and cool the delicate under eye skin. OXY-FIT-10 fuels skin cell regeneration and boosts repair time.


One of the major reasons for puffy eyes is the accumulation of water known as eyelid odema. Fluid may build up for several reasons but the major causes are poor lymphatic circulation and increased permeability. Acetyl tetrapeptide 5 has known anti- odema properties, to test these abilities a group of twenty volunteers used a serum containing acetyl tetrapeptide 5 for sixty days.


After only fifteen days 70% of the test group said that puffiness and eye bags were reduced. After a further two weeks use they reported additional improvements.

Active Ingredients

Acetyl tetrapeptide 5 – Reduces under eye bags & dark circles.

Hyaluronic acid – Reduces fine lines & hydrates.

Cucumber extract - Reduces puffiness, soothes & cools

OXY-FIT-10 – Oxygen delivery system - Fuels skin cell regeneration.


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    My eyedrate+ is amazing I’ve had it only 5 days and already seeing the difference.

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